Fascinated with everyday objects I explore how props portray human presents and set of emotions speaking to the viewer, creating visuals that will help you form identity and speak in the name of your brand. Working solo or in duo with curly enthusiast Arsenije Savic.

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Creative Concept & Art Direction → Prop & Set Stilying → Photography

The background in photography and graphic design blends in with my specific art direction. I have a strong sense of creating compelling concepts and mapping the essence and offer to produce modern and unique visual content for small businesses, events, fashion brands, and product advertising.

Selected clients

  • Viviana Schmidt

  • Svemogućstvo

  • Tvrdjava Teatar Festival


  • Portrait & Product Photography

  • Set Design

  • Art Direction


  • 2019 | Digital Art, Yearly Exibition

  • 2019 | PDP XI Absorption

  • 2019 | Svežina exibition, Kulturforum

  • 2018 | 10 to 12, We have time!

  • 2017 | Art is dead! Long live art!

  • 2011 | Theather photography exibition


  • Portrait & Product Photography

  • Set Design

  • Art Direction